How to Mix Greens in Watercolour

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How to Paint Watercolour Feathers
31st July 2018
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How to Paint Watercolour Leaves & Branches
17th August 2019

In this class, I show you how to mix greens in watercolour.

This class focuses on how to mix a variety of different greens in watercolour and is a great place to start if you want to learn more about painting leaves, plants and trees. We start by looking at colour theory, so you understand how to make different greens from whatever colours you have in your palette. This section covers different pigment characteristics which may affect your painting, such as granulation and transparency. We then move on to experimenting with our palettes - making warm and cool greens, and the more neutral realistic greens that we see in nature.

Finally, we will look at how to make colour charts which you can use as a really useful reference guide for your future work. This class is a great foundation for people wanting to know more about botanical painting.

  • Debbie Renwick
    I have tried so many times to understand the color wheel and chart mixing techniques without success, but your explanation along with the visuals helped make sense of it all. Thank you so much and I look forward to other classes.
    Debbie Renwick
  • Gretchen Staley
    Before this class, I had been just winging it with my green mixes. Now I've found so many new colors I love and I don't have to guess to find them again! Wonderful class!
    Gretchen Staley
  • Kelly McCants
    This is the best and most thorough explanation of mixing colors I have ever heard, yet concise enough to keep interesting and engaging! Lovely class, and the pace is perfect!
    Kelly McCants
  • Kalwynah Stryker
    Clear and simplified analysis of a variety of greens. If you want to paint botanicals, this class is a must see!
    Kalwynah Stryker
  • Natasha Chambers
    Excellent class on colour mixing focused on greens but applicable for any colour group. I now have a great library of greens to refer to when I need them and will feel a great deal more confident mixing natural looking greens in the future. Thoroughly recommend this class to anyone working with watercolour who would like to develop their colour mixing skills.
    Natasha Chambers