How To Paint A Watercolour Birdhouse

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How to Paint Wood in Watercolour
16th August 2019
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How to Paint Watercolour Ice Lollies
16th August 2019

In this class, you will learn how to paint a beautiful birdhouse scene in watercolour.

In this class, we practice painting texture in watercolour by painting a beautiful birdhouse scene. The class follows on from my previous wood class, in which we focus on different techniques for painting the grain and detail of wood, so if you haven't watched that class yet and would like to practice the wood first - head over to that class before starting this one!

This birdhouse class jumps straight into drawing and painting this scene, assuming a little bit of confidence with watercolour. However, I take you through everything step by step in real time, from the initial outline of the drawing through to every part of the painting process with plenty of tips and guidance along the way. It is a lovely subject if you want to spend a couple of hours relaxing and painting a watercolour whole scene with me.

  • Tamara Sherman

    Another wonderful class by Sharone (I highly recommend all her classes). I appreciate she show and explains her entire drawing and painting process without speeding up. This class is a great continued learning experience from her prior wood texture class.She uses a limited palette, gives detailed instructions on what she is doing as she is painting without repetitive music in the background, camera tricks or filling space with chatter. A lovely teacher to watch and learn from.

    Tamara Sherman
  • Aarnavi S

    This class is so detailed and well explained that when you see the project at first glance you won't believe that you could do it... But when you actually follow each and every step of the process the painting seems so doable.... And the best part of this painting is that she uses very limited palette and teaches how to mix colors to get all the other colors needed to do finish the painting....This painting took such a long time to finish but I can't explain the immense satisfaction and proudness I felt on completing it.... Thank you so much Sharone

    Aarnavi S
  • Angee Manns

    This project seemed rather daunting at first glance and I had a hard time believing that I could do it, but Sharone's clear instructions and demonstrations are always so thorough and I was able to complete the painting. I really love all the details, as I feel like the details are what makes a painting come to life, and Sharone is the master of details. Thanks for the great class.

    Angee Manns
  • Khadija Karachiwala

    Sharone - I loved this class!! Honestly, it's one of the best classes I've taken on skillshare so far. The previous class on wood texture was a huge help. I started with this and went back to take that class. That class gave me a good understanding and built confidence to take this class. The pace of the class was perfect. Not too slow, not too fast and very actionable steps. This class really helped me understand how to implement wood texture. Now when I look at anything wooden I understand the layers and how to create the texture. Thank you! 

    Khadija Karachiwala