How to Paint Autumn Elements in Watercolour

Watercolour Leaves Class Cover Image
How to Paint Watercolour Leaves & Branches
17th August 2019
Watercolour Snowglobes Class Cover Image
How to Paint Watercolour Snowglobes
27th November 2018

In this class, I show you how to paint Autumn elements in watercolour.

If you want to learn how to paint autumn elements in watercolour, whilst practicing lots of different techniques and developing your skills, then this class is for you! There are so many beautiful things to paint in Autumn, I'm always inspired to get out my paints and I hope you will be too.

In this class, I will show you how to paint eight different Autumn elements in watercolor - a leaf, a pinecone, some mushrooms (including a beautiful red toadstool and two wild mushrooms), a pumpkin, some acorns, and a branch of leaves and some berries.

I take you through every step of my process from the initial sketches, with clear outlines for you to follow, to the palettes we need for each piece and then guide you through the painting step by step with lots of tips along the way. The videos are in real time so you can paint right along with me and the class is ideal for beginners or improving artists. How can you resist these beautiful subjects? See you in class!

  • Traveling Brush

    Great Class, I loved how Sharone explained the mixing of colors, how to give dimension to the illustrations and how with different layers of watercolor we can get great realistic illustrations. I honestly didn’t think I could paint like she did but with her instructions and following the class step by step I did get great illustrations that I am very proud of. Thank you Sharone, can’t wait for your next classes

    Traveling Brush
  • Lenna Heide

    I love this class. Sharone is such a good teacher. The explanations are very helpful and clear and its really educating to watch her painting step by step. She helps me to slow down and take my time with the process. I always need 1-2 weeks for her classes but its worth it, becaus you can watch yourself improve day by day. Thank you so much for your time and engagement Sharone.

    Lenna Heide
  • Nina Drescher

    Sharone is an excellent teacher and following her instructions it's easy to produce beautiful results even as a beginner. Love her classes!

    Nina Drescher
  • Liz Stilling

    I loved this class! Clear step-by-step instructions which were simple to follow along. Right from the initial sketch broken down into simple shapes. If you want to learn how to paint watercolour nature subjects that look realistic and don't take a long time, I highly recommend this class.

    Liz Stilling

Let’s paint Autumn in watercolour!