How to Paint Bird Eggs in Watercolour

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18th August 2019
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16th August 2019

In this class, I show you how to paint ten beautiful bird eggs in watercolour!

In this class, I will guide you through my process for painting ten beautiful and unique bird eggs in watercolour. If you want to learn more about painting different textures in watercolour, or just create something beautiful, then this is the class for you! 

As always, I start by giving you an overview of the supplies that I use and then we will practice a variety of techniques that will be useful in the class, including painting neat edges, painting gradients (including how to create a 3-dimensional egg using shadows and highlights). We will also practice the dry brush technique and practice making different marks and fine details with our brushes which will allow us to add different textures to our work. I then show you how to paint each of these ten beautiful eggs, in real time, step by step. 

I hope this class will allow you to feel more confident using watercolours to create texture and fine details and that you will be able to create a page of beautiful bird eggs, that you are really proud of, by the end of it!

  • Michelle Ryan

    Sharone gave a very engaging class with instructions that were very easy to follow for any level. I enjoyed it very much! I love the techniques she went over in class, as I often paint detailed work! Thanks for the great class Sharone!

    Michelle Ryan
  • Diane Moline

    Fun and engaging class. Beautiful work, clear directions and video steps. Loved it.

    Diane Moline
  • Sylvia Valstar-van Houten

    This class is so much fun! I love how each of the eggs is a cute little project on it’s own, because with each egg you practice a variety of techniques. I love Sharone’s clear teaching style. It’s very relaxing to paint along with her, the pace of the videos is good. I love that you only need limited supplies for this class. It’s wonderful to learn how to mix just a handful of colors to create all of these eggs. 

    Sylvia Valstar-van Houten
  • Sally Von Bargen

    This is a terrific, well organized class! If you want to take a deep dive into how to paint multiple textures using watercolor and learn how to paint not one, but ten beautiful eggs, all inspired by Mother Nature, than this is the class for you.

    Sally Von Bargen