How to Paint Watercolour Feathers

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How to Mix Greens in Watercolour
16th August 2019

In this class, I show you how to paint five beautiful watercolour feathers.

This class is a great introduction into watercolour for beginners, or for improving artists, wanting to learn how I paint feathers. This was the first class I published on Skillshare and is still one of my most popular, with over 1,000 students!

In this 3 hour class, I guide you through my process, step by step in real time, for painting five different types of feathers using watercolour, starting simple and increasing in complexity, finishing with the beautiful peacock feather.

I start by covering the supplies that I use and then we spend some time practicing a variety of basic techniques that will be useful in the class, including how much water to use, wet on wet, wet on dry, creating gradients, layering and dry brush. This is a great subject for people who are new to watercolour because you can make your paintings as simple or as detailed as you wish depending on your level of confidence with the medium. By the end of the class, I hope that you will feel much more confident using watercolours and have created a page of beautiful feathers that you are proud of!

  • Elaine T Rutledge

    Excellent class! The choice of 'feathers' as a subject gives the student a great platform for practicing some basic watercolor techniques.

    Elaine T Rutledge
  • Gillian Bladen-Clark

    Excellent class, beautifully taught. Sharone has a lovely, soothing voice and explains the steps clearly. She demonstrates several core techniques that are essential for using watercolours. The way to get good at anything is to practice, practice, practice and doing each of these progressively harder exercises is excellent practice indeed. Well done Sharone - I take a lot of classes and in many subjects and yours are some of the best.

    Gillian Bladen-Clark
  • Kalwynah Stryker

    Wow! What a class! I am so glad I took this class which was much more than just painting feathers. Sharone goes over some basics to prepare you for the skills and techniques that will be applicable for painting her style of feathers. These prep courses will help anyone, no matter their skill level, become more aware of their water color art. Invaluable tips one can only obtain from an experienced pro.

    Kalwynah Stryker
  • Susan Baich

    What a fabulous class! I learned more about watercolor with this teacher than I ever knew! She explained every process of the watercolor techniques. Thank you much for this class. I would take every class this teacher has to offer.

    Susan Baich