How to Paint Watercolour Splatters

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16th August 2019
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18th August 2019

In this class, I will show you how to paint watercolour splatters using different techniques. 

Splatters and sprays are great for adding fun, expression and movement to your work, and can also be used for more specific purposes such as stars in a night sky or falling snow.

In this short 15 minute class, I take you through the different tools and techniques you can use for making splatters. I then show you two fun and easy projects that you can make yourself – some loose flowers and a starry night sky landscape. 

This is a fun and easy class, perfect for beginners to watercolour! 

  • Mary Glidewell

    Classes are always engaging, clear, and fun! I always learn more than anticipated. Great teacher.

    Mary Glidewell
  • Meg Cupman

    Excellent class, really. Very clear instructions and I like the examples given. Easy enough for a beginner, but final projects you can be proud to show. I like these short, focused on one technique classes.

    Meg Cupman
  • Sofia Ruete

    This class is great! Super simple, filled with great tips and inspiring ideas for beginners like me. Loved it!

    Sofia Ruete

Let’s make some watercolour splatters!