How to Paint Watercolour White Flowers

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How to Paint Watercolour Snowglobes
27th November 2018
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How to Paint Bird Eggs in Watercolour
16th August 2019

In this class, I show you how to paint white flowers in watercolour!

In this class I show you how to paint two white flowers: snowdrops and the anemone. I start by taking you through the supplies that you will need, followed by some tips for painting white subjects with watercolour. We will then spend some time practicing mixing our greys, diluting our mixes and painting petals. After this we will move on to painting the anemone and two snowdrops. 

I will take you through my process for painting these flowers from start to finish, from the initial sketches through to the painting, step by step.

  • Donna Wagner

    Great step by step instructions. Love the explanation and demonstration of how to mix the three primary colors to get different shades of gray. Also loved the demonstration on shadowing.

    Donna Wagner
  • Mary Glidewell

    An excellent teacher! Clear instruction, and i always learn something new. Really enjoy all her skills are classes.

    Mary Glidewell
  • Lorena Landry

    I really enjoyed the teacher and the subject. very clear and step by step instructons. Excellent advice. I certainly will take more of her classes.

    Lorena Landry
  • Cassie Leicester

    I loved this class. Painting white flowers is so hard but I learnt some great tips and have seen improvement in my ability. Instructions are really clear and easy to follow. Thanks Sharone.

    Cassie Leicester

Let’s paint some white flowers!