How to Paint Wood in Watercolour

Watercolour Bird Eggs Class Cover Image
How to Paint Bird Eggs in Watercolour
16th August 2019
Watercolour Birdhouse Class Cover Image
How To Paint A Watercolour Birdhouse
18th August 2019

In this class, you will learn how to paint wood in watercolour.

In this class, I will guide you through my process for painting realistic wood in watercolour. We will start by covering how to mix browns and then move on to practicing a number of techniques and brush strokes that we can use to create the texture in the wood. We will then paint three different planks of wood: oak, pine and a darker weathered walnut piece. 

This class is the second in my series of how to create texture in watercolour, following my bird eggs class, and I hope you will enjoy painting these beautiful pieces of wood with me! Not only are they relaxing and fun, they will allow you to practice really useful watercolour techniques and they form the basis of painting a variety of interesting subjects like doors, birdhouses and more. Once you have painted these pieces of wood, you can move on to taking my birdhouse class!

  • Lenna Heide

    As always a great class - with great explanations and instructions. By the way I really love to listen to Sharones voice - thats a big plus for any online class :). But far better is her knowledge of the teached subject and her way to teach. I really love, that she always teaches how to mix colors and how to approach the project step by step.

    Lenna Heide
  • Silje F

    A really good class. Sharone gives starts with teaching you how to mix browns to use for the wood textures. When painting the wood textures she tells you what colours, techniques and brushes she uses along the way, which is very helpful. I really enjoyed this class, and highly recommend it.

    Silje F
  • Jamaica Arvisu

    I was really excited when I found out about this class and it didn't disappoint. Sharone teaches you the basics and goes through the process step by step in good detail. I learned a lot of new techniques to apply to my painting practice.

    Jamaica Arvisu
  • Daphne Sampson

    This is an amazing class that will help add another tool in your watercolor tool box! Sharone is an excellent teacher who breaks the parts down and really gives helpful hints.

    Daphne Sampson