5 ways to nurture your inner artist

Whether you class yourself as a ‘creative person’ or struggle to see yourself in a creative light, I truly believe that we all have an inner artist just waiting to be unleashed. Sometimes it can feel harder to access. Self doubt about what does (and doesn’t!) constitute creativity gets in the way. It’s something I […]

Creative affirmations to support your art practice

Do you ever long for a way to express yourself artistically, but confidence (or lack of it!) gets in the way? That feeling when you know you want to do it, but self doubt tells you that you shouldn’t even try? This is one of the biggest barriers that I see stopping people fully losing […]

An exciting announcement for Sharone Stevens Design

I am over the moon to share the news that as of the 8th March 2022, I will be a published author! Read on to find out more and for a sneak peek into my book writing journey. It doesn’t feel real to type these words, but here it goes: I’ve written a book. And […]

7 Tips for Looking After your Watercolour Brushes

Have you ever invested in a beautiful, high quality (possibly expensive) brush and a month or so later found that it is just not working well for you anymore? I hear this happening all the time from students! I would always recommend investing in a small amount of good quality supplies for your art, but […]

5 Tips for Finding Inspiration for your Artwork

Sketching Leaves

Do you ever find yourself staring at a blank page, feeling the urge to paint or draw something, but you just can’t seem to find any inspiration? I’m sure we’ve all been there, right? You’re raring to go but you just don’t know where to start. Here are a few of my top tips for […]

My Journey to Becoming a Watercolour Teacher

Sharone Stevens

As I write this, I have just hit over 10,000 students on my Skillshare classes. I’m sitting here a little shell-shocked to be honest! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to spend my time doing something that I love so much. With the launch of this blog, I wanted to […]