Signature Florals Course, May 2020

Welcome to Signature Florals, May 2020!
Below you will find all of the videos as they become available throughout the course. You can access the private Facebook here to ask questions, share your work, get feedback and receive updates from me. 
Week 1: Colour Harmony (11th May), Techniques (14th May)
Week 2: Signature Flowers (18th May), Fillers (21st May)
Week 3: Final Wreath Composition (25th May)

Welcome Video

Module 1: Supplies

In this video, I talk you through all the supplies you will need for this course.

Module 2: Colour Harmony

In this video, I talk you through different colour schemes you can use for your flowers and then we practice mixing and combining a variety of swatches that can work well together.

Module 3: Techniques

In this video, we practice some techniques and exercises that will be useful when painting the flowers.

Module 4: Focal Flowers

In this video, I show you how to paint the main focal flowers, in my signature style, that I use for a lot of my floral paintings.

Module 5: Fillers

In this video, I show you how to paint a few different fillers that we can add to our flowers.

Module 6: Final Wreath

In this video, I give you a few tips on composition and then we combine everything we have learnt so far on the course into painting our final piece; a beautiful wreath.

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