How to Digitise Watercolour Artwork in Photoshop

In this class, I show you how to digitise watercolour artwork in Photoshop.

This class is a comprehensive guide for beginners that shows you how to digitise your watercolour artwork in Photoshop. We start by looking at things to consider when you are painting and how to get your work onto the computer. I then cover some Photoshop basics which will be really useful for complete beginners to the software. We then move onto making colour adjustments to our artwork and look at the difference between destructive editing (using erasers) and non-destructive editing (using masks and layers).

I then take you through all of my favourite tools for digitising and editing with lots of tips along the way. These include the erasers, the quick selection tools, the lasoo tools and the marquee tools. I also cover tools that allow you to refine your image, including the spot healing tool, the clone stamp tool, the eye dropper tool and brush, and adjustment layer masks.

Once we have covered how to use all of these tools, I take you through how to digitise five pieces of artwork from start to finish using pieces from my other classes, all using different methods.

This class is absolutely packed full of useful information for you – it is basically the class that I wish I had access to when I was starting out!

Digitised watercolour wreath
Examples of digitised watercolour paintings

Let’s get digitising!