How to Paint Watercolour Ice Lollies

In this class, I show you how to paint ice lollies in watercolour.

This class is great for beginners if you want to spend some time playing around with your watercolours and painting a really fun and easy subject!

In this class, I will show you a number of different watercolour techniques that you can use for painting ice lollies and which you can use for other paintings as well. These include manipulating values, blending, the kiss technique, wet on wet, wet on dry, creating highlights, creating texture, and painting details.

I will then show you how to paint watercolour ice lollies, step by step in real time, with tips and guidance along the way. There are ten fun and colourful examples that I take you through, starting really simple and increasing in complexity and realism as we go through the class, building confidence and knowledge as we go. I hope this class will allow you to feel more confident using watercolours and that you will be able to create a page of fun ice lollies, that you are really proud of, by the end of it! 

Watercolour Ice Lollies
Watercolour Ice Lollies

Let’s paint some ice lollies!