How to Paint Watercolour Leaves & Branches

In this class, you will learn how to paint basic leaves and branches in watercolour.

Do you finally want to master those brush strokes to create beautiful leaves? Then this is the class for you!

We start by practicing some useful brush exercises which will help us make these leaf shapes and really gain control over our brush. We then look at how we can make subtle changes to add movement, definition and a little bit of detail. Once we have mastered those leaf shapes, we then combine them to make branches, creating a whole page of branches of different shapes, styles and colours that we can use as inspiration and a reference for our future work. For the final project we paint a simple, beautiful wreath which I take you through step by step with tips and guidance along the way.

This is ideal for beginners or anyone who really wants to master those leaf shapes!

This class is the second class in my watercolour greenery series, following on from the mixing greens class. The classes in this series are designed to stand alone so you do not have to watch part one on mixing greens before watching this class. However, if you would like to understand how to mix a variety of greens to really enhance your work, from those pure bright greens to the more neutral realistic greens, then I would highly recommend that you check it out first!

Watercolour Leaves - Practice Brush Strokes
Watercolour Leaves & Wreath

Let’s paint some leaves!