How to Paint Wood in Watercolour

In this class, you will learn how to paint wood in watercolour.

In this class, I will guide you through my process for painting realistic wood in watercolour. We will start by covering how to mix browns and then move on to practicing a number of techniques and brush strokes that we can use to create the texture in the wood. We will then paint three different planks of wood: oak, pine and a darker weathered walnut piece. 

This class is the second in my series of how to create texture in watercolour, following my bird eggs class, and I hope you will enjoy painting these beautiful pieces of wood with me! Not only are they relaxing and fun, they will allow you to practice really useful watercolour techniques and they form the basis of painting a variety of interesting subjects like doors, birdhouses and more. Once you have painted these pieces of wood, you can move on to taking my birdhouse class!

Watercolour Wood
Watercolour Wood

Let’s paint some wood!